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AUGUST 12,2020

The Yard is fascinating! All the bushes and vines are cleared away for the new Septic area...its a mess...a roto- tilled ripped up mess of FASCINATION! This is where Adventures begin! This is where Bug Eating and Pee- spraying reach monumental heights! A guy can stroll along all lahdeedah,minding his own beeswax, never ever running out of things to sniff! In fact,this Epic Stroll has filled Me with Creative juices and has filled Me with lyrical poetic whimsy,as seen in the Poem below.I, Diego, have written a new Poem.I call it SUMMERTIME SNIFFING 2020. It does not rhyme. It is not supposed to rhyme.Rhyming is too much work.


New dirt

Potato Bugs looking for cover

Where are their homes?

Ask the WeedWhacker with .069 Monofilament Line

Time to relocate

Beetles hiking studiously

Passing displaced Spiders

Creepy displaced Spiders

I try to cough up Empathy

Instead I cough up Spider legs

Sniff Sniff Sniff

Ripe sweet smells

Dandelion juice...

Beetle juice ( get it?)

Over- turned rocks

Hello Earthworms!

Too bad I don't fish...

I run out of pee

I have marked a quarter acre...butt really...

Sniff Sniff Sniff

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