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Diego's Daily Musings

The real-time updates and Blog straight from Catland!

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What is it with Spiders? They are EVERYWHERE in our house.A guy can only eat so many.Our pet spider Hank has another bug. It is a Moth- like bug. It is now all bundled up like a wrapped up Mummy in Hank's Web. Gross. Like Spock would say, Fascinating. Like Diego would say, Gross! Hank did not mind that Mom heated up Walmart 50 cent a can delicious Bean and Bacon Soup in the Microwave.Hank did not mind that I stood on the Sink and stared and stared at him, 8 eyes locking with 2. Hank did not mind that Mom had the Coffee Maker brewing one foot from his hideous Lair.Hank did mind, however, when Mom got the supplies out to begin pickling Mushrooms,Asparagus and Beans. I can totally relate! All that noise and fuss for Vegetables.Now if it were Chicken legs, Ribs, and Tunafish...Hank immediately hid in back of Knick- knack -Snowman, who, by the way,is having nightmares of spiders in his pants...All these goings- on's are probably unusual for a Spider in the Wild.Hank is a MetroSexualUrban Spider.A whole new breed.See the picture? It is of a Wild Spider, living outside,its Web hooked to a bargain Begonia from Gold Bar Grocer. It is also attached to a Solar Light from the Dollar Store..much like the TV Show Alaskan Bush People...FAKE. Even the Outside Spiders are going Modern. This Outside Spider can spin its Web by the light of the silvery Moon, OR by the light of the Dollar Store Solar Light.The World is going to Hell, one Spider at a time.

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