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About Ann & Diego

Ann Phelps is not only the human counter part to Diego (Our furry feline inspiration) but she is also the passionate owner and caretaker of Catland.


Ann has always had a passion and heart for animals and especially cats. She currently is the caretaker to over 15+ cats with a focus mostly on those that are abandoned, sick or are nearing the end of their life and sadly would mostly likely not be adopted out. 

For several years Ann has enjoyed creating short stories surrounding the adventures of her cat Diego. She began posting them on Facebook and created a group which began to grow in numbers. In 2017, Ann began to face some difficulties in being able to care for all the cats she was housing and so she started formulating a plan and saving her pennies so that she could eventually move to a more suitable location and have the resources to be able to provide the most loving care to her feline family. 

Ann soon realized that this kind of operation would take more resources then she could acquire on her own so she began to get inspired and has combined her passion for writing Diego stories and her heart felt desire to care for the feline population into a means to help continue to support the operation of Catland. This is how was born! 


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