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AUGUST 21, 2020

We have a Black Hole in our house.We get Astronomy Magazine.We pretty much know EVERYTHING that is going on in the Universe,especially Mars.Call us Nerds, but we got it going on! Black Holes suck everything in at the very edge of themselves, called The Event Horizon. There is even a Movie called Event Horizon, with famous people, so you know its true.The Black Hole in our house originates from the Area Of Sid. If you wrote a Star Wars movie, you would Title it : The Area of Sid. Now we need to be polite here.Sid the Cat was very very sick, remember? People Donated to his Vet costs via a Fundraiser through Emily Cline, Mom's Facebook Friend. We call him $6,000 Sid.Sid was so skinny after his illness.He was a-scared of people, so he would not eat for the 10 days he was at the Animal Doctor.That is a great way to lose weight, but not recommended. Once Sid got home,simple,loving, shy, young Sid, he said : WHATS FOR DINNER? And he has not quit eating since. If Sid hears the suction of a can of cat food opening...ZIP!...he is there! He is ravenous. He is also picky. No cheap food for him. A person could open a lot of Cans before he is get a Second Job to pay for these Cans ,satisfied. Mom calls him The Black Hole. Sid is black. He eats endlessly. Any food that approaches his face is simply GONE. Sucked up by the Black Hole that is Sid's face.That is not being mean.Thats the truth. Sid is finally getting back to his pre- sick weight. We get 40 cans of Friskies for $ 20 at Wal-Mart. It is 20 cans for $20 at Gold Bar Grocer. That is a rip. These cans are supposed to last for a set calculated number of days.There is a strict Feeding Schedule that means absolutely nothing.There is a lot of can- popping going on here.Eat Eat Eat.We will never know the true parameters of a Black Hole. I believe it exists from Sid's mouth to Sid's butthole.Until we get our own Telescope we will never know for sure.

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