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AUGUST 18, 2020

We have a new Pet Spider! See his picture? Remember our old Pet Spider? I do, but I can't remember its name.Harry, I think. Or Hairy. I can't remember. This new Spider is not nearly as friendly looking as Harry was.Harry built a Web, said hello, hung out every day on our back screen door,all unassuming and friendly- like. This new Spider just showed up in a very lush and filmy web that is anchored to our Sink knick- knack shelf and the Microwave.Mom named him Hank.I am not sure why he looked like a Hank.We do not know any Hanks.Only Tom Hanks, and only from what Mom reads in the Enquirer about him.Hank's Web is not in the way.You can still open and close the Microwave door and wash dishes in the Sink. Hank is a creepy looking dude,what with his long spindly spidery legs. Not like a fat- bodied happy Sun Spider.Hank looks like he might eat Wasps.Mom is torn between her Motto of :Live and Let Live, and :Smash It Quick!!! Mom jumped when She first saw Hank.The Kitchen is very scantily cleaned,perfect for a Spider to hide. All the knick- knacks are stuck to the shelf from years of grime...perfect.Mom was politely engaging with Hank, just the basics. Hello...Yikes...Creepy....then Mom went and accidentally knocked a knick- knack off the shelf because she was trying to avoid Hank.Hank shot out of his Web and onto the construction paper Flowers her Grand daughter made! Mom jumped back! Mom said: Goodbye! Now Hank is missing from his Web.He did not fall in the Sink.He is no longer on the paper Flowers.Where is Hank, I wonder? If you have a Pet Spider, its nice to know where they are. At all times. Thats just common sense.Common Spider Sense.I would be lying if I said I missed Hank.Mom is worried about him, but it has by no means thrown her off her feed.We will watch for him, caught up in the Mystery. Get it? Caught? The little Snowman knick- knack is smiling just for show, I am pretty sure. He is screaming GET OFF MY LEG, inside his hollow mass- produced ceramic head...creepy.

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