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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

wow! I am famous...sort of.Mom enters many many Contests, hoping to win something, ANYTHING. She has entered Me in " America's Favorite Pets" Contest.It starts on August 24th for Voting.Mom had to submit 3 Photos, which was not an easy task to narrow down the 2, 373 pictures of Me on the computer. When you see these pictures, you will oooooooo and aaaahhhhhh at My adorableness! You cannot fight it...don't even try.If I WIN, I will get $5,000.Thats what it says.HELP DIEGO WIN. Nowhere does it say HELP MOM WIN. Nowhere. I spent at least 2 seconds looking at the Rules.Nothing.I will spend the money wisely, for sure! 97% will go towards Temptations, the other 3% towards Charity.My Charity is called " Diego's Supplementary Treat Fund". I am hoping all of you will Vote for Me.I am going to Vote for Myself.Beauty Queens do that,vote for themselves.So do Politicians and Home Coming Kings and Queens,and Student Council Members.And Class Presidents. See? I am in good Company.Mom was a nerd in School,never very popular.It might have been because She wore dark brown corduroy pants with a lime green turtleneck with an orange and white striped Polo shirt over it. You cannot make stuff like that up.Its true.And She had a barren Pet Goat,and watched Star Trek,even on Easter Sunday...all this has set Mom up for a Lifetime of disappointment. I hope to cure that by winning this Contest.It won't be easy. I am begging you for help. PLEASE VOTE AUGUST 24TH . Thankyou.

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